This website exists purely for fun. If you do not like it, then that’s fine with me.

I suppose that this web site is just the inane rambling of an aging never-was (a bit like a has-been, but one that “never made it”). However the very act of creating this web site has caused me to think about the possible role of a online personality in society. It reminds me of a short science-fiction story that I read in my youth, about students who were tasked with sorting and deleting the computer records/memories that belonged to people who were long dead. I can not remember who the author was (Asimov?) but the concept seems to be more valid than ever now that search sites (such as Google) effectively copy our web sites. Even when my web site is no-longer hosted, there will be a ghost-like image of my site lurking somewhere in the infoverse (the universe created by information).

Enough rambling.                                         Last update 2016-Feb-14

On this site I have placed lots of rambling about me and my interests, fully aware that they will become digital echos in the infoverse, at least until those sudents come along and finally silence the echoes. Until then, welcome to my ramblings on:

  • Music
  • Photography
  • Radio
  • Telecommunications
  • Some programs that I have written that might be of interest to some-one. Actually there are a number of pre-built applications as well as a “Forth” like interpreter with a lot of examples. The following are offered as complete applications:

When I started this web site the idea was to make available my Forth like interpreter program, which I call RIPE.

I could not use the domain RIPE since it belongs to someone else. So I decide on RipeTech instead.

 Rapid Interactive Programming Environment Technology

But when I think of the word ripe I often associate it with a old English folk song called Cherry Ripe by the poet Robert Herrick, with music by Charles Edward Horn.

It is amazing what they taught me in primary school around 1961.

So I created a (okay childish, maybe even stupid) logo based on two cherries on a stem.

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