Forth-like Programming


This part of my website is devoted to my “Forth” like interpreter, that I call RIPE. Another part of this website is concerned with more general programming interests.

Back in 1987 I thought that based on 15 years programming including 8 years in assembler on Intel 80x86 machines (embedded systems in and around an ISDN telephone network) that I knew a bit about programming. But in 1987 when I was playing around with a disk of public domain applications for the Atari ST I was totally unable to make sense of a interpretive program, I could not even find the right command to stop the program. I was so “challenged” that I decided to buy a book and find out what this “Forth” was all about. If I remember correctly the program that “challenged” me was was called “Dragon Forth”.

Since them I have implemented “Forth” like interpreters on various machines and in various languages including:

  • Motorola 68000 assembler on an Atari ST, a CLI only interpreter
  • Pascal on a Dec-VMS 11/720, a CLI only interpreter
  • SPARC assembler on a Sun workstation, the interpreter supported its own GUI commands based on Motif
  • A “C” langauge based program running under Windows 98 upto Win-7 in various forms (CLI only, then a Motif GUI, then a Win32 based GUI version)
  • Since then I have ported the “C” core onto various flavours of Linux on x86 machines, again in various forms (CLI only, Motif GUI, GTK++ based GUI)
  • The very latest version (2013) was a port of the Linux / GTK++ version onto the remarkable little machine, the Raspberry PI.

There is no question in my mind, the interpreter(s) that I have developed and that are the subject of this website are children of the Forth programming language. My efforts do not, in my opinion, extend the concepts of Forth. My interpreter simply has a few (?) more commands than the ANSI standard Forth, to provide functionality that I want.

I do not intend to release the source code of any of the interpreters that I have developed. But I will release the interpretive executable that I have developed that run under the Microsoft Windows operating system.

In its current incarnation my “Forth” like interpreter supports the development of an application (with GUI, DLL access etc) in an interpretive environment, and then allows the developed application to be embedded into the interpreter to create a executable.

From this point on I shall refer to my “Forth” like interpreters as RIPE.

Rapid Interactive Programming Environment

FORTH is a registered trademark of FORTH, Inc



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