Infix to RPN


This program was developed as a RIPE program. This is not a free standing executable. You will need the RIPE interpreter to run this. I have placed this source here because it is a bit more than a demo.


  • Supports:
    • Integers
    • Mono functions: not and ^
    • Binary operators: and , or , + , - , * , /
    • Parenthesis
  • It accepts input to the Infix field. It parses the input in to tokens, and then submits the tokens to a RPN based rule checker.
  • If the Infix input represents a valid sequence then the bottom line is set to green, otherwise the bottom line is set to red.
  • It uses the Shunting-Yard algorithm invented by Edsger Dijkstra
  • Freeware.

You can download a copy of the RIPE Infix to RPN program (freeware, no registration, no waranty, no registry access, no installation) from here. Read the disclaimer first!

The following is a screenshot of the application

I developed this code because one of my other in-progress projects needs this as a sub-function. I am porting my Duplicate File finder program written in Visual Basic to RIPE , I am fed up trying to get my Visual Basic program to run on a naked, newly installed, Windows environment. My Visual Basic version has so many dependencies that I basically need to install a complete .Net environment to get my program to work. Since RIPE runs on a naked newly installed Windows then I have decided to stop the Visual Basic development (actually its finished) and re-do it all in RIPE .

One of the features of my Visual Basic version is that you can search the embedded SQLite database to find matching files, so I need a field on the screen in to which you can enter the search criteria. But I do not want that the user must “learn” SQL syntax.

So I use my own syntax checker. There are various search criteria, one of which is the file extension. So if the user wanted to include only say image files they could enter in to the appropriate screen field:

    JP*  and  GIF and not  JPEG

(Yes I know it could be done differently   JPG and GIF , but I wanted to show use of the NOT operator)

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