ISBN Book Manager


This program was developed as a RIPE program. The original text file of RIPE commands has been embedded in to a copy of the RIPE executable. The result is a free standing executable.

I lost track of the >1200 books in the house. So I created a GUI wrapper around a SQLite database. The program can access a WEB site that provides information about a book based on a book’s ISBN number. When available it also downloads an image of the book cover and links the downloaded file in to the SQL database. The program then stores such information in a SQLite database and provides a GUI to support accessing the stored information.


  • Freeware.
  • Embedded SQLite database machine
  • Using an ISBN as input it queries a 3rd party Web site to get information about the book
  • Relevant information is then transferred to an embedded local SQLite database
  • I plugged in a USB 2D barcode scanner, scanned in the ISBN codes from the back of tsome books. Then set up a automated access to the 3rd party Web site to get the book information. You can of course enter the ISBN manually.
  • Supports book cover images take from local file system / scanner.
  • Has a gallery feature showing “thumbnails” of covers of the currently selected books .
  • The appication was written in under one week, and should port easily to a CD / DVD bar code driven manager.
  • Source and “Forth” like interpreter are available.
  • and more...

You can download a copy of the RIPE ISBN Book Manager program (freeware, no registration, no waranty, no registry access, no installation) from here. Read the disclaimer first!

The following is a screenshot of the application

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