Programs to download

The programs that are offered for download here were all written on my “Forth” like interpreter and then ”embedded” in to a special version of the interpreter’s executable file. The result is a single file that provides the target functionality. In most cases I also make the source available so that you can modify it and run it on the standard “Forth” like interpreter.

The programs that are offered here run under the Microsoft Windows operating system “Win-7”. Actually the interpreter started its Windows development back on Win-98, then Win-XP and now Win-7. I have not tested / run these programs on any Microsoft Windows operating system later than “Win-7”, I will one day, but not yet.

The offered programs include:

  • DNS Query
    • Low level, direct access, to a DNS system to request the A or AAAA records associated with a given URL, also supports reverse look-up.
  • Dup Finder
    • I have a lot of image files, and sound samples, spread over numerous hard disks. One day I had a total disk failure, and was faced with how to create a new disk based on the fragmented set of backup disks. This is a powerful program to scan folders/files , store characteristics in a database, identify and delete duplicate folders/files, support copying of selected folders/files to a destination disk.
  • EAN DVD Manager
    • Based on the SIBN Book Manager, but this program is set up to handle the EAN numbers associated with DVDs.
  • File Hash Checker
    • A simple folder/file navigation program that supports the creation of a MD5 or SHA1 checksum on a selected file.
  • Icon Ripper
    • A simple folder/file navigation program that supports the display and extraction of the icons in a selected file to disk.
  • ISBN Book Manager
    • I lost track of the >1200 books in the house. So I created a GUI wrapper around a SQLite database. The program can access a WEB site that provides information about a book based on the book’s ISBN number. When available it also downloads an image of the book cover and links the downloaded file to the SQL database.
  • SQLite database utility
    • Make-browser-modify-delete SQLite databases/tables. Includes support for OLE automation of applications such as Excel, Outlook and PowerPOint
  • Tone and Morse Generator
    • A simple variable audio-frequency sine-wave generator that can be “keyed” to produce a morse code signal from a line of text.

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