SQLite Utility


This program was developed as a RIPE program. The original text file of RIPE commands has been embedded in to a copy of the RIPE executable. The result is a free standing executable.


  • SQL
    • Embedded SQLite database machine
    • Create, modify databases in memory, and save to disk
    • Open/attach, modify, save disk based databases
    • GUI to navigate through the SQLITE_MASTER and TABLE_INFO tables
    • GUI to navigate through the content of a table
    • Support provided for SQL commands formatted over multiple lines
    • Support with deleting columns
    • Extract a BLOB to a disk file
  • Scripting (=automating this program)
    • Forward conditional execution  using IF / ELSE / THEN  constructs
    • Backward conditional execution using BEGIN / LOOP, and WHILE / WEND constructs
    • Functions and subroutines with optional arguments
    • Executing commands held in a text file
  • Automation (=scripting a 3rd party application)
    • Provides an OLE Automation controller, so that “automatable” applications, such as Microsoft Excel/Word/Powerpoint, can be controlled. This is not as powerful as say VBA, but still has (I think) worth!
  • HTML
    • The default for this application, is that the results of an SQL query are displayed in a standard list-view window.
    • If required the results can be displayed in a HTML table format.
    • Support is provided to
      • Export HTML tables to a HTML file
      • Add HTML commands to that HTML file
      • Add plain text to that HTML file
      • Save that HTML file
      • Obtain and display a HTML file in an embedded HTML “browser” window.
  • Import / Export
    • CVS format files
    • Directly with an Excel application, provided that the user has Excel!
    • Sorry, this program does not support Excel formated files.
  • Drag and Drop support for:
    • Opening/attaching Databases
    • Importing CSV files files
    • Execution of command files
  • and more...

You can download a copy of the RIPE SQL Utility program (freeware, no registration, no waranty, no registry access, no installation) from here. Read the disclaimer first!

The following is a screenshot of the application

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Please note:

I have not yet released the source for this application.

It is broadly based on the earlier application SQL Browser

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