Telecom Career


This part of my website is concerned with telecommunications. I suppose in a way it is an expression of the regard in which I hold the entire field of telecommunications. It is also an expression of my deep gratitude to those people who have helped me in my working life.

  • Dr Ron Brewster - my course leader in 1978 at Aston university
  • Sam Welch - One could almost say that it was Sam who infected me with “telecommunications”.
  • Harry Williams - Plessey Liverpool. In many respects a bit like Sam Welch.
  • Derek Briggs - Plessey, Liverpool. Derek was a steady hand to a foolhardy know-it-all.
  • Peter Hampson - Plessey, Liverpool. My first manager, a true engineers’ manager.
  • Joe Watts - Plessey, Liverpool. Joe put up with my tantrams and had the patience to bring me back on course. He taught me engineering, and more, he taught me humility by example.

Since studing telecommunications as a postgraduate in 1978/79 I have found myself fascinated by telecommunications. From the telegraph in the mid 1800’s, through Alexander Graham Bell, Almon B Strowger and the PSTN, ISDN, mobile telephone, IP (and of course Vincent Cerf and colleagues), NGN and whatever comes next, I remain fascinated.

I have some 34 years of experience in telecommunications covering: design and development for manufacturers, working for a network operator, and now as a telecommunications consultant. These few pages cover some of the things that happened during my involvement with telecommunications.

  • In the blood
    How I got in to telecommunications
  • Education (in telecommunications)1978 - 1979
    My second period at university was to study telecommunications as a postgraduate.
  • Plessey,  Liverpool and System-X 1979 - 1985
    Some of the things that I was involved in, and why at the end I had to leave.
  • SEL/Alcatel Stuttgart 1985 - 1998
    to be written
  • WorldCom Frankfurt 1998 - 2004
    to be written
  • Detecon Bonn/Cologne 2004 - today
    to be written

My great hope is that before I retire that I will be able to work with a telecommunications service provider in south Africa who still has a small number of analogue telephone exchanges. I would love to get some pictures of such switches (I believe that they are Strowger and Crossbar) before they go the way the Dodo went.

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